In 1996, International Hair Cosmetics Ltd. UK conceived, created and lauche the premium hair care brand ASP Salon Professional. Originated as a line of permanent hair colour, the ASP brand quickly expanded to include tone-on-tone and fashion colours, permanemt waves, specialist highlighting systems, bleaching powders, shampoos, conditioners and styling products, formulated in-house at the ASP Research and  Development Laboratory in Italy. The team headed by Dott. Nicola Summer continue to break new ground in thedevelopment of exciting, industry leading hair products. 

These unique, technology-driven products have been enthusiastically embraced by consumers and the hairdressing industry across the globe , making ASP one of the fastest growing haircare brands in the world. This rapid growth is spearheaded by the twim aims of unrivalled product innovation and quality, supported by comprehensive trainging and education  systems. Today, ASP is sold in over 50 countries, with headquarters and training facilities in the UK, Italy and the USA.